41°19'11.87"N| 19°50'20.07"E - RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX, TIRANA, ALBANIA

The residential complex AnA is situated close to the Student Village of Tirana University on a magnificent hillside. The site opens itself to allow a pedestrian connection between the student village and the northern areas. This passage enlivens the commercial ground floor and the compound piazzas. The materialization aims for an elegant appearance with differentiated materials and patterns but an overall clean white look: the plinth is of fair-faced concrete with a diamond shape relief, the body from white plaster, crowned by an attic floor clad in beveled tiles for a shimmering reflection of the strong Albanian sun.

A complex that gives life to a developing area in Tirana. It appears as a novelty and an urban sign that appeals to order and structure for the city, conserving the Western Balkan architectonical features, in the white façade in response to the natural light for most of the year.“Kontakt’s good tradition, specialization and experience are primarily in residential construction. The activity respects quality in construction and deadlines.”A busy schedule calls for Kontakt to turn over housing units intensively. The program also includes new facilities like shops, offices and bars.


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